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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Computer Software

Application software

It is the reason that one wants to buy a computer:
• printout out paychecks
• play Mortal Kombat
• keep track of a stamp collection
• do your taxes
• generate a fancy newsletter
• guide robots
• keep a budget
• draw a flowchart
• browse the Web
• design a car

PC Software Characteristics

Intuitive (easy to u/stand and to use)
Minimum training and documentation needed to use

Software Types: Custom Software
Written by programmers
Takes a lot of time to write and test
When specifications are unique
not targeted to the mass market
usually created for companies, business entities, and organizations.
Custom software is also when companies or governments pay for customized software for budget or project managing.
Eg. commercial products such as commercial websites, business databases and software for governments.

Software Types: Packaged or Commercial

Ready-made application software
Sold in stores, catalogs, or downloadable from the WWW
Purchased from software publishers
Must be installed
Standard or custom installation
The setup process copies some of all of the software to the hard disk
May require the CD-ROM to be in the drive to run

Eg. Microsoft Office includes many software programs that may be used in the office, such as MS Excel, MS Word and MS Access.

Acquiring Software

Free to all - normally fully functional for an unlimited time with no cost, monetary or otherwise
Copyrighted - freeware may or may not be free and open source software
Distributed in machine-readable format
Eg. games

Freely distributed for a trial period
Pay a nominal fee to register with the author
often limited by any combination of functionality, availability or convenience
is often offered as a download from an Internet website or as a compact disc included with a periodical
such as a newspaper or magazine.
Rationale: to give buyers opportunity to use the program and judge its usefulness before purchasing a license for the full version of the software.

Public-domain software
software that is not limited by having a copyright
Can be freely used, copied, or altered, because no one owns the rights to restrict its use
Eg. the GNU/Linux software, which forms a part of many PC operating systems.
Eg you can easily get copies of Adobe Reader, Netscape, Internet Explorer and a variety of other programs.
when you purchase a computer, you may be given several free programs
But these are licensed to you only, rather than being yours to copy or distribute, as would be public domain software.
Eg public domain: Visual Molecular Dynamics allow you to create three-dimensional drawings of molecules.

Free to all
Source code is distributed
May be used or altered
Eg. the Apache Web Server, OpenOffice

Commercial software
Used most often
Generally costly
May not be copied without permission of the manufacturer


is software that is readily available to download online for a free trial evaluation.
At the end of the trial period the user is bound by the electronic user license agreement (EULA) to either uninstall the software, or pay for its continued use.
Shareware trial periods vary from a few days to a month
Shareware should not contain advertisements or spyware.

Purchasing Commercial Software
Software warehouse store
Mail order
Electronic software distribution

Volume discount
Site license
Network versions
Application Service Provide (ASP)
Software is setup and maintained by ASP
Access the software over the Internet
Pay per use
Saves the expense of installing and maintaining the software

Word Processing
Word Processing software is used to create and print documents.
A key advantage of word
processing software is
that users easily can
make changes in documents.

Minutes of meetings
Anything to be typed

Print text and graphics

Desktop Publishing

Handles high-level publishing needs
Electronic Spreadsheets
Electronic spreadsheet software allows the user to add, subtract, and perform user-defined calculations on rows and columns of numbers.
These numbers can be changed and the spreadsheet quickly recalculates the new results.

Comparing mortgage interest rates
Preparing budgets
Tracking weight loss

Manipulates numbers in rows and columns
Recalculates the results when a number is changed

Database Management
Allows the user to enter, retrieve, and update data in an organized and efficient manner, with flexible inquiry and reporting capabilities.

Keep track of a large number of related facts
Query the data for specific information
Retrieve information in a variety of ways

Store data
Update data
Manipulate data
Retrieve data
Print data in many forms
Report on data in a variety of ways

Presentation Graphics
Presentation graphic software allows the user to create documents called slides to be used in making the presentations.
Using special projection
devices, the slides display as they appear on the computer screen.



Helps to
Compare data
Spot trends
Make decisions
Visual information is more compelling

Presentation Graphics

Sales tool
Demonstrate a product
Show cost/benefit projections on charts
Present audio/video testimonials from satisfied customers

May contain

Computer Art
-Use software to
Produce art
Express ideas

-Graphic artist
Artistic ability
Computer skills
Produces computer art

Communicate from home with computer at office
Access data stored in another computer in another location
Stock exchange updates
Weather information.

Provides method for communicating between computers
Most likely way to connect is via the Internet
Use a browser to access the Internet

Office Suites

Group of basic software applications designed to work together
Data is portable between basic applications of the suite
Various applications in the suite have the same “look and feel”
Cost of suite is less than purchasing individual applications.

Integrated Applications

Combine basic word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics capabilities
More limited than a suite
Easier to learn and use.

Software Development Focus
Ease of use
Personal use programs
Personal time organizers
To-do list makers
E-mail programs
Internet access

Business Software

Custom-written to meet special business needs
Standard packages
Combination of custom-written and off-the-shelf

Software for Workgroups

Groupware / collaborative software
Lets a group of people share information or track information together
Data being used is located in central database
Data can be accessed and updated by anyone in the project group

-Preparation of proposals by several individuals

Software for Small Business

Spreadsheet software
Accounting package – Basic accounting, financial statements, tax summaries, payroll

-Writing and Advertising
Word processing
Desktop publishing

-Customer Service
Database management

-Keeping Up and Making Contacts
Networking over the Internet

-Making Sales Pitches
Graphical presentation software

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